Smart Grid in Kolkata (Calcutta)

Thought some of you might like to see a cutting edge smart grid pilot project around the corner from my apartment in Calcutta.

This jumble of mayhem is a great represenation of the generally messy state caused by the combination of rapid development, implementation by barely-skilled laborers, and poor or non-existent oversight from both the companies doing the work and the public agencies who should be monitoring the work.  The coiled cables belong to internet and telecom companies racing to bring on new customers; the rest I believe are power lines.  Not sure Tesla will need to hire a Calcutta market research analyst anytime soon.

Looking down rather than up while strolling the streets paints a similar picture – the contractors who are hired to repair or install underground utilities rarely put the street in the same shape they found it in when they began the work.  To cut costs, they often just push dirt over the construction area.  With much infrastructure in Calcutta dating back to colonial times, I imagine the subterranean situation to be as hilarious as the one hanging from telephone poles…..and trees.

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