Life lesson from Tetris

A friend re-introduced Tetris to me recently. Since the last time I played it on a Gameboy in 1992, it has definitely changed.   However, in a couple ways it has remained exactly the same.  At the high levels, it become really difficult to keep up with the pace of falling bricks.  Also, as I should have predicted, it is still as addictive as it was on Nintendo and Gameboy.

Unfortunately, as was the case back then, I still couldn’t get past the mid to high levels -level 10 out of 15 was the barrier.  So, after thinking about it, I decided I needed to strategize if I was going to have any chance at defeating Tetris in this lifetime.

Experiment #1 – start at a higher level.  On the first try after starting playing from level 7, rather than from level 1, I made it to level 11. Within 48 hours I had made it to level 14.  To be clear, not all of those 48 hours were spent playing Tetris.

Long story short, I still have yet to beat the game, but I re-learned a lesson that I first learned when in middle school playing soccer in my backyard with my older brother.  If you practice with the best (I hope he never reads this), you learn to play with the best; if you practice in the bush leagues, the best you become is a bush league all-star.

Onward.  Thanks Maya.


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