Vocabulary – g3t it!

Vocabulary. It’s useful. And important in ways no one taught us.

About three days per week, I wake up, drink my four glasses of water (a daily ritual for the last 10 years), then spend 15-20 minutes on Memrise taking random vocabulary quizzes. At first, I did it because it felt good – I think it was a simple way of satisfying the need to feel that I learned something new that day. After a few years, I’ve continued because once in a while, a new “aha!” word pops up ties together what previously was only a collection of disconnected thoughts and feelings. Multipotentialite is one of them.  Check out this TED talk below by Emilie Wapnick if you’re one of those people that is curious about pretty much everything yet occasionally annoyed by the directions it leads you. Multipotentialite TED talk



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