About Me

Home to 4.3 billion out of a total 7.2 billion, the development and changes occurring in Asia are changing the landscape of the world far faster than most non-Asians understand, including myself.

I departed comfy San Francisco in 2010 to learn about these changes, paying closest attention to the impacts on the global environment (oceans, air, rivers, forest ecosystems) and global economy, as both of these areas will affect us all regardless of where we live or what we do.  This blog began as a collection of observations and insights from my experience living and working in India, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa from 2010 – 2017.

As an entrepreneur, an overly-interested-in-nearly-everything person, and a Kool-Aid drinking American, I’ve also been on the lookout for business opportunities, lessons Americans could learn from Asian culture to improve things at home (cause we got some issues yo), and the root causes of the environmental destruction in developing economies.

1 Response to About Me

  1. Chelsea says:

    Hi Brad,
    I found you are doing something in South Asia. That is great. By the way, you interviewed me for a position with a solar power company, in case you forgot it. I think what you are doing is interesting and would like to get connected in Linkedin, but I only has your previous email address which I don’t think you are still using. Not sure if it is appropriate to contact you here. Best Wishes!

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